TEDxbrentwood 2021

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

9:30 am START

THEME: REVOLUTION - Challenging The Now Normal

About TEDx, x = independently organized event


3 students, 2 staff members

Hannah Pearl '21

TITLE - Running For The Wrong Reasons:

I started running to be thin. Never did I think it would act as a catalyst to an eating disorder. Society’s unachievable expectations build insecurities within everyone. By losing weight I thought I could ‘fix’ the feeling of being adequate, but in turn, I discovered a path that would help me mend my relationship with food.


Hannah Pearl is currently completing her third and final year at Brentwood College School. She has shown her dedication to her community as a handbuilt Pottery Captain and Assistant Alex House Captain. In her free time, she can be seen hanging out with her friends. After graduating from Brentwood her goal is to return home to Ontario in hopes of furthering her academic career in law or business. At some point in the future, she would like to walk into a courtroom just like her icon Elle woods.

Rachel Davis

TITLE - Palpable Passion

Your passion is there - it's innate, tangible. When you are passionately engaged on a daily basis, people will notice.It's about taking a premeditated approach to practicing your passion.


Rachel Davis was born in Cambridge, Ontario. She is a graduate of Carleton University and holds a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and Women's Studies. An unconventional, spontaneous path has allowed her to engage with both people and place and foster incredible connections in her life. This path brought her to spend more than two decades teaching and coaching Olympic athletes in Zimbabwe; it also brought her to the West Coast and right here, to Mill Bay, for her next adventure.

Eamon Ryan '22

TITLE - Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts?

Shy, loud, or somewhere in between? Don't worry. We've all placed somewhere along that spectrum. The topic of human personality has always been a complex and ever changing thing. From the vikings, to the romans, humans have always been a big mess of emotions, conflicts, and ideas. However, through the years of varied experiences, we believe that we have finally accurately narrowed down humans to three main personality types. So, it's up to you. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? If you don't know, it's time to find out.


Eamon is an award winning filmmaker, competitive debater, and an overall big nerd. Growing up on small Vancouver Island, BC, Eamon spent most of his youth messing with computers, arguing with his parents, and making YouTube videos with his friends. Today, Eamon is in his 2nd-to-last year of highschool, and he isn't wasting time. With strong aspirations for the future, Eamon devotes most of his time to strengthening his academics and extracurriculars in hopes to go to a prestigious university. While he has not narrowed down his career choices for the future, he plans to pursue somewhere in the field of STEM, most likely in Computer Science.

CHeryl Murtland

TITLE - Craving Normal

If we know that the only constant is change, why do we talk about normal as if it is constant? What was normal 40, 20, 10, years ago, or seven months ago, has been replaced. What do you consider normal and why is there comfort or discomfort in that? Learning to manage our expectations of normal allows us to see opportunity in change.


Cheryl Murtland is an educator, working at Canadian public and independent schools over the last 30 years. She is a self-proclaimed geography geek who loves the outdoors, most especially on Vancouver Island. She does not claim to be an expert on being normal, although she is known for her calm, measured approach to life. At some point in the future, she would love to travel to other continents.

CHIARA Lea '21

TITLE - Listen, Learn, & Speak Up - Allyship & Activism

Our society has become plagued with performative activists or fake allies. So how do you avoid the pitfalls of becoming a performative ally? This talk will outline how and why you shouldn't be a performative activist. Through listening, learning, and speaking up, we can all become better allies and activists.


Chiara is a senior at Brentwood College School. She has spent most of her life traveling between different countries as she has lived between the UK, the United States, and Canada. Her first-ever act of activism was in the 9th grade when she went to her first rally, The March For Our Lives in the US. Ever since then she has used her public speaking and debate abilities to further extend her knowledge of politics. She has worked with Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles to increase voter turnout in youths and has had numerous volunteer experiences tied back to politics. She loves chatting with anyone about her passion for history and politics.