TEDxbrentwood 2022

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

9:30 am START

THEME: FORWARD - New Horizons

About TEDx, x = independently organized event


2 students, 1 Faculty member, and 5 other SMART PEOPLE!!!

#1 - kameel ahamed '23


Life is hard. That’s not news. Every day there is more pressure being put on us, more expectations that we have to meet. And there’s no end to it. And while we do need to work, to build a life and a future, we can’t simply devote our entire life to working – there must be balance. Though navigating our futures may be tough, the hardest challenge we will ever face is learning to take the time to stop and smell the roses.


Kameel Ahamed is a competitive debater, amateur photographer, and avid academic. Contrary to popular belief, Kameel is currently completing his Grade 11 year at Brentwood College School, not a master’s degree. Always looking to give back to his peers, Kameel takes initiative in his community as Assistant OMNI Captain, Grade 8 Debate Coach, Yearbook Captain, and B-Well Representative. Though he’s been described as “always being everywhere,” Kameel can almost always be found picking up an iced matcha latte with lavender at Brugo’s Coffee Shop. Looking into the future, Kameel hopes to pursue an undergrad in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in the UK, followed by a degree in International Business.

#2 - aastha kacha


If we know that the only constant is change, why do we talk about normal as if it is constant? What was normal 40, 20, 10, years ago, or seven months ago, has been replaced. What do you consider normal and why is there comfort or discomfort in that? Learning to manage our expectations of normal allows us to see opportunity in change.


Aastha is an award winning Space Architect, founder of AAKA SPACE STUDIO, the first space architectural studio in Canada, She has given Ted talks on Space Architecture and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Space Architecture. She has been appreciated for her contributions in the industry with awards like "Global Icon Award as India's youngest icon in Space Architecture", "Lunar Base contract Award" from NASA Space Academy, and other International and National accolades in design.

A quote that tries to encapsulate her inspirational personality-

“There is power in our dreams and Visualization is the key. To attain such a vision, one must believe in oneself”

#3 - patricia kiteke


The chances that you are already a leader to someone or some group of people are high even if you struggle to do it authentically or feel vulnerable in your role of influence. This talk recognises the impact we have on those we lead, beyond simply management, and gives 3 easy but powerful leadership skills that can profoundly impact your life and the lives of those around you. Leadership abilities don’t always come naturally and just like any other subject, they are teachable and learnable.


An immigrant of both Russia and Uganda, Patricia arrived in Canada when she was 4 years old with her mother. She became a citizen at the age of 7 and still carries her Canadian Citizenship card in her wallet to remind her how lucky she was to have landed there. "We made it out of Uganda fortuitously in the early 80’s which is crazy to think about sometimes." After finishing a Bilingual BA from the Campus St.Jean in Political Science Patricia built a career in Real Estate. She and her team now sell hundreds of homes annually. Fiercely committed to helping agents change their lives and create career stability -even if they come from humble beginnings - Patricia has created training programs focused on agents and emerging team leaders ready to begin their team building process. Through the lens of leaders training leaders her programs are rooted in meaningful action to create results. Rethinking what it means to be a leader, she believes that everyone is a leader in some aspect of their lives and wants to encourage others to take up the mantle of sharing their expertise with others.

#4 - bill bishop


In your future career, how will you compete—as a human being—with super-smart and powerful robots, ever-learning artificial intelligence, and light-speed automation? Futurist, entrepreneur and author Bill Bishop counsels you to cultivate your Five Human Super Powers: 1. Embodied Pattern Recognition, 2. Unbridle Curiosity, 3. Purpose-Driven Ideation, 4. Ethical Framing, and 5. Metaphoric Communication. By combining your human super powers with technology—by learning to “dance with robots ”—you can forge a future of prosperity and well-being for everyone.


Bill Bishop is the CEO is a futurist, author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. He is the creator of The BIG Idea Company, and the author of Dancing With Robots: The 29 Strategies For Success In The Age of AI and Automation. He is also the author of The New Factory Thinker, and How To Sell A Lobster.

#5 - Gabi casals '22


My TEDx Talk will explore the concept of lucid dreaming and how it can change your life. Lucid dreaming, a phenomenon that has been recorded since the Greek era, is a state of sleep in which a person is dreaming and becomes aware that they are dreaming. People who have been trained to lucid dream have been able to accomplish impressive feats, such as overcoming PTSD-related nightmares, or improving their motor and problem solving abilities in their sleep. From learning to fly to shapeshifting into an animal, I can give you the tips and tricks you need to do anything you want in a fully immersive lucid dream.


My name is Gabi, I’m 18 years old, and I’m passionate about self-understanding and introspection. I’m from Boulder, Colorado, where I love to go camping and hiking. When I’m not at school cramming for my next AP psychology test, you can find me in my art studio working on a painting, or in my room jamming out to my favorite bands. I love to be in touch with my creative side, whether that be through music, visual art, or writing. My biggest aspiration in life is to live it to the fullest! I hope to see as many countries as possible and seize every opportunity I can. My mantra in life is “live in the moment”, because when you are present every moment is a gift. I admire time alone with myself to reflect through meditation, and I find that I have something new to offer myself and the world every day.

#6 - Simon douthwaite


Gratitude is a key tool during a crisis.

Chelsea was diagnosed with Leukemia aged almost 3 when we had just moved to Malaysia. I share our touching and powerful family story.

We faced three years of chemotherapy and multiple life threatening crises.

Incredible support from communities around the world and the Tour de Rock on Vancouver Island.

As we got stronger our gratitude turned into a need to give back and it was the honour of my life to be invited to ride in the Tour de Rock 2019. We raised 1.3 million dollars for pediatric cancer research.

Gratitude helps keep you positive and at your best as well as grounding you mentally and helping those helping you. It also develops into a sense of responsibility to make a difference to a cause bigger than yourself.


Simon is part of the management team at SEAMOR Marine directly responsible for all Global Sales and Marketing – Underwater Robotics.

In 2019, he was elected Co-Captain of 2019 Tour de Rock team.

Simon was in the independent Foreign Exchange Trading business for 19 yrs.Institutional Futures and Options Trader at HSBC Hong Kong. He worked as stock broker with Investec / Henderson Crosthwaite / NCL Investments – in London in the UK.

He is also an avid diver with both his PADI Scuba Instructor and Normoxic Trimix Deep Diver.

Simon has lived and worked in nine countries on four continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and is happily married to Angie and father of my beautiful girls, Sophie 11 and Chelsea 10.

#7 - pennylane shen


Pennylane reflects on four important works of art which over the years appeared on what she calls her Art Bucket List. Not necessarily the most popular or beloved, these pieces nevertheless had such a significant impact that she eventually made pilgrimages to see them, arranging her work and travels and, truly, her life in order to do so. The goal was in part to witness artistry of tremendous cultural and political power--artistry that broke barriers and challenged the status quo. But more importantly, she sees now, each pilgrimage allowed her to travel back in time to a moment when an indelible mark was left and to honour a time and space in which she gained strength to endure and grow through life's challenges.


Pennylane Shen is an artist consultant, curator and educator. Since 2006, her company Dazed and Confucius has offered one-on-one consultations to over 1000 artists each year and business development seminars to audiences worldwide.

Pennylane holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University and has lectured at various forums throughout Canada, the US and the UK. Her publications discuss the politics of representation, race and fine art. For more than a decade, Pennylane has worked in commercial and public galleries including the longest standing commercial gallery in Canada. Among her curation and education projects are the NYC Crit Club, Langara College, The I Like Your Work Podcast and The Vancouver Mural Festival. She currently sits on the board for the Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Foundation, collecting notable art pieces for hospital walls.

#8 - Rick rodrigues - Faculty


Should we embrace failure, as some out there in the world would have us do? In the world of business, failure seems to be a badge of honour. In reality, failure, no matter the context, can come with devastating consequences. While how we react and what we learn from failure, this talk will question the notion that failure is somehow good and worth embracing.


Rick Rodrigues has been an educator for nearly 25 years, the last twenty of which have been at Brentwood as a physics teacher and university counsellor. He has often graced the stage, whether as a long-time actor or fronting Brentwood staff band, Staff Infection. He is proud to take the Killy stage once again, this time to offer his insights as a TEDx presenter.